The STEM Festival is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and math in Cambodia. The 13th annual Cambodia STEM Festival will be a highly visible event that provides opportunity for engagement and exchange between children, teens, families, and local STEM professionals. This exciting event will take place on diamond island Building A, B and C who will provide hands-on activities, live, performance, interactive demonstrations, and family-oriented STEM entertainment.

What must my booth offer?
All booths should feature hands-on activities that answer a question like “What makes ice cream cold?” Allow your audience to be scientists and engineers as they explore possible answers to these and other important questions. Each experiment/activity should be simple and efficient.
All exhibits should include highly interactive STEM activities targeted at your grade level. Please refrain from using static displays. The best exhibits are typically those that have a clear take-home message.
During the kick-off festival your exhibit must be staffed by smiling faces at all times. Each booth should be staffed with a minimum of 2 people at all times. We recommend assigning volunteers to shifts, so everyone will be able to take breaks.

What is included with each exhibit space?


Each registration will include the following:
• 10’ x 10’ exhibit space under pergola
• (1) 8 foot table [NOTE: Please indicate on the registration form whether you will need a table some organizations are contributing to the event by bringing their own]
• (2) chairs

Can I sell items at my booth?
The primary mission of the STEM Festival is to educate and entertain our festival visitors, and we want the focus of the exhibits to be interactive activities. As a result, festival policy prohibits all exhibitor/vendor sales at our event unless special spot provided or permission granted by STEM Cambodia.

How many people can I expect to see at the STEM Festival?
We are estimating a crowd of approximately 10000 visitors. When preparing for the event, please plan to serve a large audience, including adequate staffing and materials.

What makes a good booth?
All exhibits should be highly interactive and targeted at ages 10-18. Please refrain from using static displays. The best exhibits are typically those that have a clear message. The official language of the Festival is Khmer and English; all signs and printed text should be in Khmer and English.
Additionally, the Non-Khmer students are suggested to pair up with a local peer for their projects.

What should we wear?
The dress code is casual. Exhibitors are allowed to wear shirts bearing their organization’s logo and/or name. Having everyone wearing the same shirt helps identify staff from attendees. The festival T-shirt will be available for purchase.

Is there Wi-Fi available?
There is no Wi-Fi available. We recommend any exhibits that depend on an internet connection bring reliable mobile hotspots.

Should my signs be in English or Khmer?
The official language of the Festival is Khmer and English; all signs and printed text should be in Khmer and English.
Are there restrictions on what kind of marketing materials/giveaways I can bring?
We are not restricting the type of marketing materials that you bring, or what you want to distribute. However, we recommend that you resist handing out paper as much as possible. You are permitted to ask attendees to provide contact information for follow-up. All collection of data must be voluntary on the part of the attendees.

When should my exhibit be completely setup?
Exhibits should be completely setup by 8 am on 29 April (Saturday). The opening ceremony will start at 9.30 am.
All exhibitors are strongly encouraged to have all of their staff present at this event. There will also be a VIP tour of the exhibits after the Opening Ceremony, and having a complete booth is a great way to maximize exposure!

Will there be motor and car parking?
Koh Pich Island has a limited number of motorbike and car parking spaces.

Will there be electricity/power?
All exhibitors who paid directly for their booth, either through sponsorship or by paying the exhibitor fee have a power outlet available at their booth. For other exhibitor types who received complimentary space, a limited number of outlets are available and will be assigned first come, first served. All requests for additional outlets must be made by 1 May.

Will there be neck badges/lanyards?
Each company/organization is needed to have neck badges/lanyards. This will be used to identify exhibitors from visitors and Festival staff.

Can I leave items at my booth overnight?
Expo halls will have security guards at the entrance during the move-in/out hours and exhibitors will be asked to show credentials. Expo halls will be locked overnight. We do recommend you not to leave valuables at your booth.
Can I promote my booth activities or STEM Festival activities on social media?
We encourage you to comment and post pictures on our STEM Festival Facebook page or tag us on your on your status update. To get updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, follow us and tweet your comments and pictures using #STEMCambodia.

Facebook: @STEMCambodia
Twitter: @STEMCambodia
Instagram: @STEMCambodia
Hashtag: #STEMCambodia

How much does the event cost?
STEM Festival is a free event.

Will lunch be provided for students?
Lunch will be provided for the students and staff who are on duty. There will also be food vendors available.

How long is the event? Do we need to be there the whole time?
Students are required to stay at the venue from 8 am till 5 pm.

What else should I bring?
Lots of energy
Your mobile phone
Phone numbers of all your staff/volunteers working the booth
Extension cord(s) if you are approved to use electricity
Any signage, materials, and equipment you need for your exhibit
A camera to take pictures of your booth for the next newsletter
If you use a disposable for your activity, make sure to bring enough so you don’t run out or have a plan in place to get more.
Trash bags

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