What is STEM?

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM aims to encourage inquiring minds, logical reasoning and collaboration skills. The organisation delights in the wonder of science, natural curiosity driving enthusiastic investigation and discovery. Immersed in enquiry-based learning, concepts develop through projects and problem-solving, underpinned by 21st Century access to information and rigorous, multichannel development of knowledge. Research, design, development and refinement; students learn this cycle which is so fundamental to engineering and technology. Students are encouraged to keep journals and portfolios and experience the tools of technology in this incredible learning environment. In addition, STEM focuses on education quality in these fields, with the aim of increasing the number of STEM majors students from Cambodia go on to attain.


The annual Cambodia STEM Festival provides all students from public and private schools an opportunity to join the event. Students may have great projects, but they need to be able to communicate the significance of these to visitors at the festival. Verbal communication skills are key in all walks of life, including at STEM Festival. Use of Language is crucial as the students present bilingually; students must be able to explain challenging concepts both in Khmer and English. This event is an amazing and exciting experience that you will not forget anytime soon. Even if science and maths are not your subjects, we believe that anyone can enjoy the festival and learn many interesting facts while also observing their peers in action.

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